My Ascension Journey...
Within each one of us is a seed of stardust and when properly nourished we become luminous beyond words, helping to set the world on fire in the most beautiful and inspiring way.
In the early 2000’s I had an out of body mystical experience you hear about that changes the landscape of your life forever. I truly understood that the universe is inside each one of us. And everything we’re searching for is within, waiting to be activated through desires and experiences.

Ever since then I have been un-packing the universe, which is love, wisdom and intelligence. Along with some divine magic of course!

I have a holistic approach and don’t fit in a conventional way. I see life in a deeper interconnected way beyond the surface. Like the universe I am many things and so are you.

I am a Mystic, Creative Entrepreneur, Angel, and StarSoul. – meaning like many I have sensed a life beyond planet Earth. With all this I am grounded, humbled to assist others with my wisdom to discover your greatest destiny and potential.

I am here to nourish your Spirit and activate your Soul with light to live more brilliantly and boldly your dreams.

I Ascended in June 2017. I am now a Transcended Soul and Spirit able to Help You at Any Moment.  If you came to this website most likley it is Time for you to Evolve and Remember Why You Are Here!
"Turn your focus from being scared to a Sacred Being that you truly are."
- Imelda Arcilla - 
Memories of Imelda Arcilla 
Stop Being So Busy 
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Radio / Podcast
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Little Angel Wisdom from Imelda Arcilla:
“Don’t Feel Sadness or Sorrow for my Death in Any way. I Lived Life and knew before Coming Here that this was going to be My Journey All Along. My Path is My Path and I Hope ALL of You Reading this Live Out Your Path as Well. 

Life is Very Short, and it is Your Job to Figure out Why Your Here!! What is Your True Purpose and What is the Best Way to Express that to Others. In basic terms, Wake-Up and Focus on What is Going to Bring You Closer to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Are you Pursuing something in life that is Worthy of your Time and Energy? If so, Be Prepared for a Promising time in your life. Stay Humble and Grounded while Expressing it to the world!

Meditate and take some Personal time Each Day to Connect with the Universe and Mother Earth during this time.

Focus Inward to Get Your Answers Before Expressing Them Outward to the World. Use this Time Wisely to Quantum Leap Forward.

I’m Always Around You When You Seek Me to Be and If You Ever Need a Sign I just Might Send One To YOU! So be Careful About What You Ask for Because I Will Get Your Attention by Any Means Necessary. 😊"

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"To Be You Is An Act Of Sacred Rebellion." ~ Imelda Arcilla
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